Ref's Call Sheet  
Revision date: 28 May 2015
Event Call Notes
FOUL BREAK "FOUL BREAK" opponent to restart frame with ONE visits.
FOUL BREAK - CUE BALL OFF TABLE "FOUL BREAK" opponent to restart frame with TWO visits.
BLACK BALL POTTED ON BREAK SHOT  "VOID BREAK" same player to restart frame (No penalty)
RED BALL(S) POTTED “Reds potted” (player nominates reds)
“Reds in play” (player nominates yellows)
“yellows nominated” (player pots yellow)
“yellows in play” (player fails to pot yellow) “open table”
YELLOW BALL(S) POTTED “Yellows potted” (player nominates yellows)
“yellows in play” (player nominates reds)
“reds nominated” (player pots red)
“reds in play” (player fails to pot red) “open table”
BOTH RED & YELLOW BALLS POTTED WHEN OPEN TABLE "Red & yellow balls potted, player to nominate which colour they wish to proceed with."  
ANY FOUL DURING THE FRAME “Foul two visits, free table first shot.”  
CUE BALL IN,OFF OR FORCED OFF THE TABLE “Foul, two visits, free table first shot.” Then retrieve and wipe cue ball before giving the ball back to the oncoming player. DO NOT PLACE THE CUE BALL ON THE TABLE.
CUE BALL TOUCHING OWN GROUP - OR ANY BALL ON FREE TABLE SHOT “Touching ball.” Then point to the ball that is touching the cue ball.
FOLLOWING A FOUL & THE PLAYER POTS A BALL WITH THE FIRST SHOT Call “first visit“. With each successive pot continue to call “first visit“, until a legal shot is played where no pot is made, then call “second visit“, contintue calling "second visit" until the next time no pot is made, then call “end of second visit“.  
STALEMATE Frame to be restarted. Explain reason, impossible to play own group/lack of progress, then re-rack balls, player who broke to re-start.
WINNING FRAME SHOT “Frame (&/or) match won by _______, so & so leads by ‘n’ frames to ‘m‘. So & so to break in frame ‘q‘.”  
LOSS OF GAME “Loss of frame“ explain reason, i.e. clearly no attempt to play own group.
MOVEMENT OF CUE BALL   Upon request by player, referee to move/give cue ball at all times on awarding foul shots. Cue ball must be handed to player, not placed on the table and it MUST be positioned by the hand and NOT using cue or any other object.