Procedrual Rules
Revision date: 28 May 2015
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The committee would like the game of pool to be played in a sportsmanlike manner in accordance with rule #1 of The E.P.A playing rules. As such these rules should be adhered to where practicable. In a case of the breach of these rules, team captains of the non-offending team may use their discretion to overlook the breach (slightly late arrival for a fixture for example). If the two captains fail to reach an accommodation, the rules as stated will apply and the committee will uphold the rules as such.


1.1 - All League matches will be played on a format of twelve single frames, with a point being awarded for each frame won.
1.2 - All league matches are divided into three sections, with each section consisting of four frames. Each player may only play once in each section.
1.3 - As a match cannot be won by a team with less than two players, a minimum of two players is required to constitute a team. If a team has at least two players available for a fixture, then that fixture MUST be fulfilled, or a forfeit will be levied against the offending team.
1.4 - Each captain must complete the names of all players due to compete in the first section on BOTH SHEETS, BEFORE the commencement of the first frame. Once the first frame has commenced this list cannot be amended without the agreement of both captains.
1.5 - Each captain must complete the names of all players due to compete in the second section on BOTH SHEETS, BEFORE the commencement of the fifth frame. Once the fifth frame has commenced this list cannot be amended without the agreement of both captains.
1.6 - Each captain must complete the names of all players due to compete in the third section on BOTH SHEETS, BEFORE the commencement of the ninth frame. Once the ninth frame has commenced this list cannot be amended without the agreement of both captains.
1.7 - The format for play as described in sections 14-1.6 shall continue throughout the match to its conclusion.
1.8 - The format for play as described in 1.4-1.6 shall apply to ALL team matches excluding cup ties. See rule 12.3 for cup matches.


2.1 - Matches will take place on Thursday evenings, as detailed in the fixture list distributed by the League Secretary. The official start time is 20:00hrs. Every effort should be made to adhere to the stated start time to minimise rule 2.4 becoming applicable. All efforts should be made for rearranged games to adhere to this rule and be played on a free Thursday in the calendar but they may be played on other days, as long as both teams are in agreement.
2.2 - All fixtures are to be played on the dates as detailed in the fixture list distributed by the League Secretary. In exceptional circumstances a team(s) may apply in writing; by email or by phone to the committee to rearrange a fixture. Providing both teams are in agreement, the committee may grant permission for the fixture to be rearranged. It is the responsibility of the captain who cancels a match to rearrange a date to play that match with the opposition within a 30 day period. Failure to do so will result in an 8-0 walkover being awarded to the opposing team. The team cancelling a game within 24 hours of the match date will be deducted 4 points, the team cancelling a game before 24 hours of the match date will be deducted 2 points. The notification timeline is 20.00 hours, the official start time of all fixtures. 
NB. Having too few players to fulfil a fixture is not an acceptable excuse, as per rule 1.3.
2.3 - All matches, including those that have been rearranged MUST be completed before the last scheduled league match date on the current fixture list, with no exceptions.
2.4 - Teams will be ready to commence within 15 minutes of the scheduled start time of the match. Failure to comply will result in the offending team forfeiting the first frame.
2.5 - If a team has failed to commence the game by 20:15hrs, having already forfeited the first frame, a further 15 minute period shall be granted. If a team consisting of at least two players is not present by 20:30 hrs, then that team shall forfeit the match 8-0l. Should this be the case with both teams, the match shall be declared null and void, with neither team scoring any points.
2.6 - Venues may have different opening hours. Should a venue call a halt to a match, due to the match over-running the venue’s closing time, then all frames remaining un-played shall be declared null and void and no points shall be awarded for the un-played frames.
2.7 - The break off shot in the first frame will be carried out by the first player of the away team. Breaks shall alternate thereafter each frame, until completion of the match.
2.8 - It shall be the responsibility of the home team to cover any table fees and cost of any food provided.


3.1 - To qualify to play for a team in The Woking & District Pool League an individual must be registered within the League for that team and not for any other team within the league.
3.2 - No player may play for more than one team during the league season. This includes playing for alternative teams at the same venue.
3.3 - Any new player registration to be deemed valid must be received by the results secretary no later than the results sheet for the match in whom that player first competed. If a team wishes to register a new player on the night, the player’s name (clearly written) and full address details must be noted in the space provided at the bottom of BOTH result sheets. The player MUST sign both sheets and both team captains MUST also sign both sheets. All new signings on the night MUST be completed prior to the commencement of the first frame of the match. Failure to follow this procedure WILL result in the frames played by the intended signing(s) to be discounted and the result amended accordingly. It is imperative that both sheets are completed in the unlikely event that only one result sheet is received by the results secretary. Registration can also be made by letter or email to the results secretary before the first game that the player in question plays. Registration by phone is not acceptable. In addition, no new player will be allowed to register and play on the night of a cup match. Registrations for cup matches must be made to the results secretary no less than 7 days prior to the match date.
3.4 - If an unregistered player is played, in violation of rules 3.1-3.3, then any points scored by that player shall be awarded to the opposing team(s). The League Secretary will notify the Captain of the offending team in writing and will request an explanation.
3.5 - Player transfers are not allowed. An appeal may be made to the committee citing exceptional circumstances. Appeals must be made in writing to The League Secretary and permission must be granted from the committee before the transfer is allowed.
3.6 - Any team/player found to be contravening any of the above rules may at the discretion of the committee be deducted points or have other sanctions imposed.
3.7 - Players under the allowable age for any given venue, (18, 21, and 25 etc...) must have prior permission to play at that venue. It is the responsibility of the team captain to ensure that his/her players are able to play at an opposing team’s venue.
3.8 – Any player listed as being on Woking Pub Watch is automatically banned from the league.


4.1 - Each Team will provide the referees for alternate frames. A player from the home team will referee the first frame. The referee must also be visible at all times during the game that they are refereeing.
4.2 - In the event of a dispute the referee shall consult the playing rules before making a decision. If after consulting the rules a dispute still exists, both team captains shall consult privately and agree upon the correct course of action. If an accommodation still cannot be reached then the referee’s decision shall stand, until as such time, a written report has been received from each captain giving full details and explanation of the dispute, by the League Secretary. On receipt of the captain’s reports, the League Committee shall meet and rule on the correct course of action. Both team captains shall be informed of the committee’s decision in writing.
4.3 - Any disputes about individual frames are not in themselves reason enough for the match to be abandoned. Any team refusing to complete a match cause of such dispute will forfeit any outstanding frames.
4.4 - Upon award of two shots, the oncoming player must ask the referee to hand them the cue ball if they wish to play the next shot from “in baulk”. Failure to do so will result in a foul and two shots being awarded to the opponent. Similarly a player with “ball in hand” may only position the cue ball with his/her hand. Using the barrel of the cue constitutes a foul and will result in two shots being awarded to the opponent.


5.1 - BOTH team captains will complete result sheets for each fixture and will send them to the results secretary, to arrive within five days of the match played. The sheets can be electronically sent, posted or given to Jon Roake, the Results Secretary, whose details are found at the bottom on the result sheet.
5.2 - Captains are responsible for their own results sheets.
5.3 - Teams not complying with rule 5.1 will be deducted one point.
5.4 - Cup matches are exempt from the rules in section 5 (see rule 12.4)


6.1 - In the event of a team having less than 4 players and are therefore unable to fulfil all twelve frames, NO PLAYER shall be marked in the box pertaining to the frame(s) in question and shall be recorded as a loss for that team. It is the choice of the captain as to where the forfeited frame(s) will occur on the result sheet.
6.2 - If both teams are short of players then NO PLAYER must be marked in the space provided on both result sheets pertaining to the frame(s) in question. A player drawing a NO PLAYER will receive a 1 point win for their team but will receive no points towards their stats record. If the NO PLAYER entry coincides with each other the result for that frame will be recorded as 0-0.


7.1 - All teams must register their home venue with the League.
7.2 - In the event of a team wishing to change its home venue, the League Secretary must be notified in writing, to be received 7 days before the change of venue.
7.3 - The minimum desirable equipment for an acceptable venue shall be as follows: A standard 6, 7 or 8 foot table,7 feet being the recommended standard; The match table shall be level and have a surface of reasonable quality. The table shall be clearly marked and maintained in a clean well presented manner; A rest and/or spider must be made available if required. Every effort should be made to ensure adequate playing space is available around the table.Shorter cues should be made available at venues with restricted space. An area should be available adjacent to the table for viewing purposes.
7.4 - The committee may carry out table inspections at any league venue and may refuse accept any team whose venue does not conform to this standard.


8.1 - A copy of these rules along with a copy of the Playing rules shall be made available for all matches by the home team.


9.1 - Points accrued throughout the season will determine final standings in any given division.
9.2 - If two or more teams are tied on points, the team having won the greatest number of matches shall take precedence.
9.3 - If a tie still exists the team having lost the least amount of matches will take precedence.
9.4 - If a tie still exists the team having won the greater number of away matches will take precedence.
9.5 - If a tie still exists the results between the teams concerned will be considered as to who takes precedence.
9.6 - In the unlikely event of a tie still existing then a play off between the teams concerned will take place to be arranged by the committee.


10.1 - The League will award individual trophies to the winning teams and the runners up of each division each season, up to a maximum of eight trophies per team. Additional trophies may be supplied at cost to the team(s) concerned.
10.2 - A best player trophy will be awarded by the League to the player in each division, each season to the player who finishes top of the ranking list as provided by the results secretary.
10.3 - Ranking positions will be determined by frame difference, then by games won, with all frames played counting.
10.4 - A player must have played at least 50% of his/her teams fixtures to qualify for the Best Player trophy.
10.5 - Any team in possession of a League trophy will take suitable care of it and will bear the cost of replacement or repair in the event of loss or damage.
10.6 - Any trophies not collected on Presentation night by a representative of the team/person will be recycled for further Presentation nights. Exceptions may be made to the committee via email or letter with a just reason for non-attendance.


11.1 - Any team not completing all their fixtures as in rule 2.3 for the current season will be expelled for that season. All results against them, including player performance will be expunged.


12.1 - Players must be registered by the agreed date, to be set in advance of the first round of any knockout competition. (A written appeal can be made to the committee in exceptional circumstances).
12.2 - Once a player has played in any round in a knockout competition he/she may not play for any other team or with any other partner in that competition.
12.3 All cup matches are played to the same format as league matches apart from the third section, which will consist of only three frames (11 frames in total, first to 6).
12.4Results sheets in team knockout events are to be sent to the results secretary.. This is the responsibility of the winning team’s captain. Failure to comply will result in said team losing its place in the next round of the competition. (A written appeal can be made to the committee in exceptional circumstances). This supersedes rule 5.1, 5.2 and 5.3.


13.1 - Coaching is deemed unsportsmanlike behaviour and will result in loss of frame.
13.2 - It is the responsibility of the captain of the behaviour of their team, and the committee take any complaints that we receive very seriously, especially with regards to defamation of character. Anyone proven to be found participating in this kind of action will be asked to withdraw from playing in the League, with the possibility of further action being taken against their team.